Welcome to Rocky Mountain Airsports LLC 

Greg Baker (Pitts Instructor and Mechanic)  ATP/CFI-I/A&P/IA

   Airshow Pilot / Aerobatic Competitor / 2011 Master Aerobatic Flight Instructor and Retired Army Helicopter Pilot

Turning you upside down since 2009


Colorado Springs, Co (KCOS)



-Discovery Flights / Thrill Rides: 250$

- All Pitts Flight Instruction: 320$/Hour (Tach Time)

-Video: 20$ per flight

-Prices include everything needed to complete the flight (Ground Instruction, etc.)

-Aerobatic Thrill Ride/Discovery Flights

-Aerobatic and Spin Training

-Upset Recovery Training

-CFI Spin Training/Endorsement

-Pitts Checkouts/Pitts Familiarization front and rear seats

-Come fly the "Pitts Special" S2B Unlimited Aerobatic Biplane

-Non-Pilots, Low Time Pilots, High Time Pilots

-You can fly the Airplane

-Max student weight: 215lbs

-Greg has been an active CFI since 1999